Langdon Video Wedding Videography
Frequently Asked Questions
1.  How long will our video be?
Many factors determine how long your video will be. The length of the ceremony, the number
and length of the toasts, the inclusion or exclusion of traditional reception activities, and special
dance floor events. The running time can average from 60 to 75 minutes. Typically, the
reception accounts for 30 to 60 mins of your Wedding Video. There is no set running time.
Length is determined by how much footage is captured to tell the story of your Wedding Day.

2.  Can I get the raw footage?
Our style of filming and editing is such that access to raw footage is not necessary. We are
aware that many videographers take creative license and heavily edit their videos. We feel this is
not a benefit to you, the Bride and Groom, since we do not know what may or may not be
important to you. Since we shoot in "Cinematic Documentary" style, all usable footage is used in
the final edit. All important events such as Ceremony, Toasts, First Dance, Parents Dances,
Cake Cutting, etc..., are shown in their entirety.

3.  What is "Cinematic Documentary" style?
Cinematic Documentary style means that we capture and document the events of the day, and
allow each event to unfold naturally as it happens. You get to hear and see it as it happened. The
little conversations, the laughs, the tears, and the music. Nothing is staged. You get to relive your
Wedding Day as it happened. All footage is creatively edited into a narrative form, telling your
Wedding Day story from the opening to closing shots.
Full-Length Video Details here.

4.  How long will you be there filming?
Our Package Numbers Three and Four include Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Post Ceremony, and
Reception. These packages cover your Wedding Day from 7-8 hours. Since each Wedding is a
little different, timeline wise, it usually takes an average of 5-8 hours to cover a typical Wedding
Day. We've designed these packages so you don't have any extra hourly charges, and still get
complete Wedding Day coverage.

5.  Will you be intrusive?
No. We are never in your face - we have no big lights - you will hardly know we're there.
We pride ourselves in being unobtrusive. We are there to capture your day, not be a part of it.

6.  Can we make copies?
Yes. You will receive up to 3 Blu-ray discs. You may substitute a DVD for a Blu-ray disc if
requested. We do offer copies to be made, but you may also make copies of your own.

7.  What if our reception venue is dark?
Today's cameras have excellent low-light capabilities. In the case of an unusually dark venue, we
do have an on-camera light.

8.  How long will it take to receive our wedding video?
You will usually receive your video within 2 to 3 weeks from the date of your Wedding.
Sometimes sooner.

9.  What will the end quality of our videos be like?
Full 16:9 1080p HD on Blu-Ray and Full 16:9 Standard Definition on DVD.  To watch your
Wedding Video in all it's HD glory, we highly recommend getting a Blu-Ray player and watching
your video on a Blu-Ray disc. DVD's look nice, but they don't come close to the quality of the
High Definition video you receive with a Blu-Ray disc. Digital Files are also in 16:9 HD.

10.  Why are your prices lower than some of the other Videographers?
Since we are a husband & wife team, all work is done by us. We work from home, so we are
able to work with a low overhead. Not everyone has $1,500 to $3,000 in their budget for
Videography, and we feel that every Bride who would like a high quality video of their Wedding
Day should be able to afford one.

11.  What if I really really want the raw footage so I can take the footage and edit it myself?
If you have a secret yearning to be a film editor, we can hand over the SD cards containing the
raw footage after we have finished editing your video.
Average 2-3 SD Cards = $200.00
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