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The video is beautiful!  Thank you so much for
videotaping our wedding.  Now I can watch it over and
over forever!

Teri and Mike"
About Us
We have both lived in Las Vegas since 1978. We have been producing
Wedding Videos since 2001. On your Wedding Day, we will
personally be filming your Wedding and not outsourcing to another
videographer who doesn't share our same vision. We are proud of the
reviews we have received on Wedding Wire and believe the reason
we are reviewed so highly is that we have complete control of the
service you'll receive as well as your video. Our goal is to give you a
Wedding Video you'll love to watch for years to come. We both love
meeting and working with couples on their Wedding Day, and feel
lucky to be able to be a part of one of the most important days of their
lives. We would love to meet with you and show you how we can
capture your Wedding Day on video for you and your family to enjoy
in the coming years. We look forward to capturing your special day.
Just give us a call or drop us an email for more information.
"Hi Kelly,

THANK YOU so much for all your hard work on Sunday night.  You were
absolutely phenomenal!!! And awesome!!  And that was confirmed when we
received what is probably the greatest of compliments your "video guy"
could ever get - "you were absolutely everywhere but never in anyone's
way"!!  How cool is that!!"

Las Vegas Wedding Videography
Dear Kelly,

I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know just how
much we loved the wedding video!  Thank you so much!  You
guys did an amazing job and we will definitely recommend you :)  
Hope all is well and thanks so much again!

Brianne and Eric Pepperman
boulder city Wedding Videographer
Hi Kelly!

I just got the video today (which also happens to be my birthday, perfect timing)
and immediately watched it.  You did such a fantastic job!  We have a family get
together today for my birthday and we can't wait to share it with the family, both
those who came and those who couldn't come.  I'm sooo happy.  It really is like
reliving the day hearing all the little conversations going on around us.  I love
the music you chose to blend in different parts, such a wonderful little addition.  
Thank you sooo much, it really is just perfect!

Las Vegas Wedding Videographer
"Hi Kelly and Debbie,

I just wanted to let you guys know that we received the DVD's today.  We
truly enjoyed watching it and we are so happy that we decided to get your
video coverage.  Your work is wonderful and I know that we will keep on
watching our video for years to come.

Thank you again,
Chelo & Uyly"
las vegas wedding videography
A review from Brittany on The Knot:
"I wrote my reviews last week but this is a follow up with Langdon Video.
Our wedding was June 9th and they were finished with the video a week
later! We received the video on the 21st! I couldn't believe how fast they were.
What they gave us was so far beyond our expectations! Watching it let us
experience the whole night all over again, including all of the emotions. They
did an amazing job capturing every important moment in a way which
flowed during the entire video! I am soooooooo happy that we chose to not
only do video but to do it with the Langdons. It was so exciting seeing the
parts I didn't get to the day of (bridal party and our daughters walking down
the aisle, the guys getting ready, etc). They're work is simply priceless yet
their prices will fit any budget. I honestly can't give them enough credit and I
highly recommend them to any couple!!!!!"
wedding videography las vegas
"We got our wedding video in the mail last night! I am SO SO impressed. I can't
imagine NOT having this. It was amazing to see and relive everything. And the
video quality is excellent. For the price, I am just amazed. I would really
recommend video to anyone who is even slightly considering it.

There are some really amazing videographers working in Vegas- they make your
wedding seem like a feature length film! They also cost like, $3000. Langdon is
under $1K, and they did such an amazing job.   

We have a 38 minute ceremony DVD (includes some pre and post ceremony bits)
and 1hr 25 minutes of reception video. We had a LOT of toasts (ughhh, we were
one of THOSE weddings) and special dances. To see and hear it all again was

They are a husband and wife team. Kelly was there from 5-11, and Debbie was
there for the ceremony (so we had two angles on the ceremony). If I could do it all
over, I would have had them the WHOLE DANG DAY. It was especially awesome
to see things that I didn't see the day of- like H getting in place at the end of the
aisle, and the wedding part walking down the aisle."
A review from Natasha on The Knot
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Langdon Video Services are wedding videographers from Las Vegas, Nevada.  We service weddings throughout
the local area, including Boulder City and Mesquite.  Langdon Video Services are professional wedding
videographers that have been a part of the Las Vegas wedding industry for over 18 years.