Langdon Video Wedding Videography
Las Vegas, Nevada
Langdon Video Services are wedding videographers from Las Vegas, Nevada.  We service weddings throughout
the local area, including Boulder City, Mesquite, and Pahrump.  
Langdon Video Services are professional wedding
videographers that have been a part of the Las Vegas wedding industry for 16 years. We specialize in Wedding Videography.
Las Vegas Wedding Videographer
We Specialize in Full-Length Wedding Videos.
The current trend for Wedding Videos today is to deliver a "Highlight Wedding Film" approximately 5 to 8
minutes in length. Except for a small part of the vows and some toasts, most of the audio consists of a couple
of songs chosen by the videographer. Natural on location sounds, and songs specially chosen by the couple
(Processional, Recessional, First Dance, Parents Dances) for their Wedding Day are never heard. It's like
purchasing a full-length movie and receiving only the trailer. We feel the reason a Wedding Videographer is
initially hired is because the couple is
wanting to have their Wedding Day captured so they can share it with
family, friends, and future generations. Watching your Wedding Video on your 1st, 5th, or 10th Wedding
Anniversary should bring back your wedding day as if it were yesterday. A "Highlight Wedding Film" only
brings back the bits and pieces. Our Wedding Videos let you relive your Wedding Day as it happened and are
structured and edited in a way that make it enjoyable and entertaining to watch. Our Wedding Video run
times average
60-90 minutes. You receive your Ceremony and traditional Reception activities (Toasts, First
Dance, Special Dances, Cake Cutting, Bouquet & Garter Toss) in their complete form with all the on location
audio used. You get to see and hear everything as it actually happened. If your Wedding Video is shot and
edited correctly, it never has to be boring.

      Excerpts from some of our reviews:

Ashley: "The video is absolutely perfect and let's me relive that day over and over. When you watch your
wedding video, you see so many things you didn't get to see on your big day."

Jennifer: "I didn't realize all of the amazing and detailed shots he got along the way....all of which flowed
beautifully throughout the video."

Andrea: "Thank you for capturing our wedding ceremony beautifully. I was immediately brought to tears
when I saw the video."

Hazel: "They got so much wonderful footage....when my husband and I got home and viewed the video, we
were so extremely thrilled and satisfied with what we got."

Kelsey: "Everything goes so quickly the day of the wedding, so watching the DVD back, we were able to take
in what may have bypassed us."

Rob & Monica: "Our entire wedding day was captured beautifully! We love our video, it's our favorite movie!"

Laura: "We have already watched our full video twice and the highlight video about a hundred times! It's so
much fun to relive the night with a video."

Mo: "Our video captured everything we wanted and more."

Jami: "The final video he put together captured the very essence of how we remembered the day."

Abby: "There is no creative license "spinning" the ceremony - just chronicling the day exactly as it happened."

Breanne: "My fiance and I didn't want a "Music Video" type production for our wedding video...we wanted
something more memorable that captured the true events of our wedding without all the fluff of computer
theatrics....the final product was MORE than what we could have expected. The video(s) were beautiful, well
arranged, personal..."

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